Agrotourism – the low impact way to holiday

Sustainable healthy living Do you want to embrace a vegan, organic, or holistic natural lifestyle?  Do you want to improve the way you live your life embracing recycling, upcycling and use of sustainable products?  How do you best to convert to Eco living?  Well here in Ibiza, (the home of Love Coco) has really pioneered […]

Easy Tricks to Always Have Fresh Stuff For Smoothies

In the UK, thousands of people drink smoothies at least once per day. Are you a smoothie lover? Are you tired of paying a ton of money for expensive smoothies at the local cafe? Read on to learn about some strategies that will help you make sure you always have fresh stuff on hand for […]

Not Just Trendy, but a Sustainable Way of Eating

More than 92 countries around the world produce coconuts for the products we use every day. From lotions and soaps to oils and water–coconuts are a vital part of our lives.  Unfortunately, this versatile fruit is often used for the meat it contains, while the shells are discarded and burned. While coconut husks (the “hairy” […]

How to Take Care of Your Coconut Bowl

Each coconut shell is different than the next. Just like a fingerprint, the patterns, markings and characteristics of each shell are unlike any other. It’s amazing to think of the journey the coconut takes throughout its lifecycle. From swaying in a palm tree in a faraway place to harvesting by a local farmer, to finally […]

5 Different Ways to Use Coconut Shell Bowls

Coconut-based products are in high demand–from oil to water to the delicious white flesh of the coconut itself. Sadly, over 99% of coconut shells are discarded and burned. The methane and CO2 emitted by these millions of shells are harmful to the environment and the air we breathe.   You may not realize how versatile […]

The problem with deforestation and how we can help

Palm oil Deforestation, eco conservation, eco balance, global warming; all words and phrases that are no common place in our daily language.   There are many reasons . Simply put, the commercialisation of certain agricultural products such as Palm Oil have resulted in deforestation of beautiful natural forest.  This has impacted a huge variety of animal […]

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