Agrotourism – the low impact way to holiday

Sustainable healthy living

Do you want to embrace a vegan, organic, or holistic natural lifestyle?  Do you want to improve the way you live your life embracing recycling, upcycling and use of sustainable products?  How do you best to convert to Eco living?  Well here in Ibiza, (the home of Love Coco) has really pioneered agrotourism and a natural living culture.  The concept of nourishing both body and mind has been at the forefront of this lifestyle for many years. This way of life really took hold back in the 60’s well before the concept of eco living had become part of the mainstream.

Locally sourced, organic, vegan

The emphasis of Agrotourism is on growing and eating locally produced food.  These organic foods have been grown or farmed without the use of chemicals. To be labelled Organic, a food product must be free of artificial food additives. (It should also be mentioned that there are more and more restaurants all over Ibiza, converting to offering vegan and organic alternatives).   Agrotourism helps preserve rural lifestyles and offers the opportunity to embrace nature and preserve the environment through sustainable tourism. Many Agrotourism hotels offer Yoga and other health related activities such as spas.  If you come to Ibiza visit Aiyanna Ibiza Yoga or one of the many other groups

Natural versus man made.

The emphasis on the food is always directed towards veganism, vegetarian and organic dishes.   Most Agrotourism hotels are based in old Finca/farms that have been beautifully renovated in the original style. Upcycling of the old wood and stone blends in with the local habitat and surrounded by Nature. The Love Coco philosophy of sustainable healthy living is embodied in our range of natural coconut bowls and have become a must have in many of these great venues.

Coconut Bowls, the alternative to plastic

Because of the recent boom in tourism, Ibiza is working hard and with great success, to control and ensure that they replace what was increasing number of plastic items used in tourism with sustainable, biodegradable packaging such as plates, straws and cups and bowls. One of the main reasons why Mike created the Love Coco brand and importing the natural crafted coconut bowls because they fit both the practical alternative to plastic but also the spiritual aura of Ibiza.  The bowls are now used in restaurants, acai & juice bars and not forgetting the residents and visitors all of whom love eating natural dishes from the Love Coco bowls.  Harmony with Nature, natural or vegan food and Ibiza – what could be better, nourishing the body and the soul at the same time.

Beach cleans, fun and positive

Naturally, Love Coco promote and support all causes to help preserve the natural world.  This involves removing the continued mass production and dumping of plastic products. In Ibiza there are many dedicated people, including children (learning from an early age) who are forging forward in the quest to clean up the pristine world-famous Ibiza beaches of any plastic items that have been washed up or carelessly left.  So do your bit to reduce the plastic and crockery (which use huge amounts of heat) and get a set of Love Coco bowls with our great bundle offers at Love Coco Bundles

Beach clean – anti Plastic.   Sites worth a  visit which demonstrate the dedication and fun that can be achieved for this excellent cause visit www.lifexperience.com  or www.plasticfree.es

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