How to Take Care of Your Coconut Bowl

Each coconut shell is different than the next. Just like a fingerprint, the patterns, markings and characteristics of each shell are unlike any other. It’s amazing to think of the journey the coconut takes throughout its lifecycle. From swaying in a palm tree in a faraway place to harvesting by a local farmer, to finally winding up on your dining room table as a coconut shell bowl–this mighty little fruit is truly incredible.

Because they are made from real coconut shells, your bowls will require a bit of simple TLC to maintain their natural beauty and ensure their durability. Here are some tips to keep your bowls looking great for years to come.

Keeping coconut shell bowls clean

Don’t allow dark-coloured foods to sit in your bowl for a long period of time, as they could discolour the finish. Clean bowls after every use by handwashing them in warm, soapy water.  Don’t soak them for too long and never put them in the dishwasher. Leave them on a mat to air dry thoroughly before stacking them and putting them away.

Maintain the finish

Coconut shells show wear over time. To keep your bowls looking just as shiny as the day you got them, polish them with 100% natural coconut oil periodically. You can use other natural oils if you don’t have coconut oil on hand. Simply scoop a spoonful of oil and apply it directly to the bowl. Polish the inside and outside surfaces until the finish is restored and the bowl is smooth and shiny again. Depending on how much wear your bowls receive, you may need to oil them after every 10-20 uses. Natural oils won’t harm the finish of your bowls, so feel free to shine them up before special occasions, or anytime you notice the sheen starting to fade.

Avoid extreme temperatures

While you can certainly use your bowls for both cool and warm foods, it’s best to first rinse the bowl in either warm water (for use with warm food) and cool water (for use with cold foods). Never pour boiling or freezing food or liquid into your bowl. Extreme temperatures can diminish the finish and durability of the bowl over time and may cause it to crack. Never microwave a coconut bowl or place it in an oven, refrigerator, or icebox.

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