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Agrotourism – the low impact way to holiday

Sustainable healthy living Do you want to embrace a vegan, organic, or holistic natural lifestyle?  …

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Coconut BowlsEcofriendly

The problem with deforestation and how we can help

Palm oil Deforestation, eco conservation, eco balance, global warming; all words and phrases that are …

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Coconut BowlsHacks

5 Different Ways to Use Coconut Shell Bowls

Coconut-based products are in high demand–from oil to water to the delicious white flesh of …

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coco bowl Coconut BowlsHacks

How to Take Care of Your Coconut Bowl

Each coconut shell is different than the next. Just like a fingerprint, the patterns, markings …

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coconut shells Coconut BowlsSustainability

Not Just Trendy, but a Sustainable Way of Eating

More than 92 countries around the world produce coconuts for the products we use every …

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HacksSmoothie Bowls

Easy Tricks to Always Have Fresh Stuff For Smoothies

In the UK, thousands of people drink smoothies at least once per day. Are you …

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