Our Story

A little story about how Love Coco was born

Mike, the owner of Love Coco, has visited South East Asia every winter for the past 8 years. During these regular visits Mike discovered that there are so many coconut bi-products being produced, the shells left empty, causing massive atmosphere pollution caused by the burning of empty coconut shells. He met a supplier who is actually saving these shells and hand crafting them into attractive, natural coconut bowls which give such pleasure to eat from. Mike realised the potential for these coconut bowls and therefore Love Coco was born – to emphazise the sustainable and natural living. Mike has been hooked ever since and now eats 80% of his meals out of a Love Coco Bowl!

These natural coconut bowls are perfect to compliment your natural food dishes

Love Coco strives to embrace the all natural lifestyle of Ibiza, offering a completely eco-friendly alternative to plastic which is polluting our earth so terribly. Imagine presenting your delicious healthy meals in these eco-friendly bowls. No more plastic, no more pollution and completely non-toxic therefore safe for any food. Once you have tried one you won’t go back to using anything else! It looks so amazing, that you can use it for decoration. Fill your world with Coco Bowl!

Did you know I am really amazing for the environment?

The upcycling of coconut shells helps to eliminate the common practice of burning the shells in their millions, adding to the pollution of the atmosphere! Using plants over plastic helps reduce the millions of discarded plastic plates, cups and cutlery that end up in land-fills every year. Plastic waste has no place in our world – we cannot and must not pollute the oceans, land and atmosphere any more. So not only are you creating more beauty in your meals, you are creating more beauty and peace for the earth.

Our Associations

Our commitment to ethical
and sustainable trading

We pride ourselves on our commitment to ethical and sustainable trading, and we put our money where our mouth is. We are proud members of BAFTS, the UK Fairtrade Network.

When buying any of our products you can be assured that we do everything we can to make the world a better place. A significant amount of our time and profit goes to making this happen.

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