Ebony Spoon and Fork

Product Description

Introducing our Ebony offcut utensils, a perfect addition to your sustainable kitchen and a harmonious match for your Love Coco coconut bowls. Crafted with love and care and without the use of harmful chemicals these utensils are not just beautiful, but they also embody our commitment to ethical and sustainable living.


We’re committed to carbon-neutral and plastic-free shipping, ensuring our shipments are carbon-neutral through offsets and always using recycled packaging.


How our utensils are made

Our ebony offcut utensils are a testament to our dedication to the environment. We believe in responsible sourcing, which is why these utensils are crafted from offcuts of ebony wood. These offcuts would have otherwise gone to waste, but we’ve given them a new purpose, reducing environmental impact.

We prioritize ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that our artisans are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions. By choosing these utensils, you support a community of skilled craftsmen dedicated to preserving their traditions and livelihoods.


Spoon :  19cm length

Fork : 19cm length

Knife :  20cm length

Bamboo Straw : 20cm length


How to care for your cutlery

To ensure your ebony utensils remains a cherished part of your daily routine, here are some simple care instructions:


  • Hand wash your cutlery in warm soapy water. Do you put in the dishwasher
  • We recommend you rehydrate your ebony cutlery from time to time by polishing it with coconut oil
  • To maintain their integrity, do not leave your cutlery to soak

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